• Vauxhall Astra Valet

  • Vauxhall Astra in this time for exterior wash and interior valet with wet vac on carpets and leather Cleanse


    Starting with a pre wash the car was soaked in a Citrus Pre wash cleaner and left to dwell and soak into the road dirt and grime for around 3-4 minutes, car was then fully rinsed and washed with a 2 bucket method using Autobrite Direct Purple Velvet Shampoo, while the shampoo was working its magic the wheels were cleaned rinsed and decontaminated using Purple Rain Fallout Remover and rinsed once more

    car was fully rinsed again and a drying aid was applied to the car to help dry the car and bring out a little more shine


    Starting with a good vacuum every inch of the carpet was covered to ensure all loose dirt was removed from the surface, then using a dedicated upholstery cleaner was sprayed all over the carpet one section at a time and scrubbed with a stiff bristle brush to agitate and loosen any stubborn stains and dirt, this was then vacuumed up to remove the soapy and foamy residue that was removed from the carpet. This Process was repeated on each section of carpet until fully clean.

    using a dedicated leather cleaner and soft bristled leather brush the cleaner was worked into the leather to remove all the dirt from the leather surface and wiped clean with a microfibre towel