• Senses by Nates Wax – Wax Review

  • First Impressions, 

    The sample i received came in a small compact and professional little sample pot, opened it up to find a lovely blue colour and a lovely fragrance (still yet to decide what the fragrance is)

    the obligatory finger swipe showed the wax had a good oil content and didnt feel too dry

    The Application,

    The Original plan was to apply to a corrected panel on my Citreon DS3 but then i decided i wanted more of a “real world” test where most retail users wont have such facilities to be carrying out such work on their vehicles, also my DS3 very rarely moves due to being in the van 90% of the time, so application was moved to the Bonnet of my Citreon Berlingo van.

    The blue applicator pad was swiped only twice into the pot, applying the wax in straight lines with a slight overlap to ensure full and even coverage of the bonnet (yes only 2 swipes covered the whole bonnet).

    Cure time was advised as 10-15 mins depending on the weather conditions so i went in between and set the timers for 13 minutes.

    Product was then buffed off using a plush buffing towel from Autobrite Direct, the product came off very easily with no pressure needed to show a lovely glossy shine (yes even on white).

    Final Thoughts,

    So what are my final thoughts on this wax from Nates Wax, well it was a joy to work with and its something i will definitely be using this wax on my customers vehicles and my own car.

    If the Phrase “Easy on Easy off” was in the dictionary then the definition underneath would definitely say “Nates Wax – Senses”


    P.S an update will follow in the next 7 – 10 days to see how well the wax has faired against the british weather and how easy the wash process becomes after the application of the wax

    Water Behaviour video can be seen here