• New car Protection Treatment

  • Have you treated yourself to a brand new 18 plate car?! then why not get it protected from the elements, check out whats included below and get in touch 


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  • Exterior Protection £100

    Bodywork & Glass:

    3 Stage Paintwork Clean:

    • Citrus Pre Wash
    • Snowfoam Pre Wash
    • 2 Bucket Method Hand Wash

    3 Stage Paint Decontamination:

    • Tar removal 
    • Iron Fallout removal 
    • Clay Bar Treatment

    2 Stage Paint Protection Application:

    • 2 Layers of Nano ceramic sealant applied giving 12 months protection
    • 2 layers of Nano ceramic Detailer adding an extra 4 weeks protection  


    Pre Rinsed to remove any loose Dirt and Grime

    1 Stage Wheel Clean:

    • Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner

    2 Stage Decontamination

    • Tar Removal
    • Iron Fallout Removal

    2 Layers of Ceramic Wheel Sealant giving 18-24 months protection