• Mini Cooper Protection Valet

  • This Mini was booked in as it was new the customer and she wanted it given a little makeover to feel like a brand new car

    Starting with a pre wash the car was soaked in a Citrus Pre wash cleaner and left to dwell and soak into the road dirt and grime for around 3-4 minutes, car was then fully rinsed and washed with a 2 bucket method using Autobrite Direct Purple Velvet Shampoo, while the shampoo was working its magic the wheels were cleaned rinsed and decontaminated using Purple Rain Fallout Remover and rinsed once more

    car was fully rinsed again and a drying aid was applied to the car to help dry the car and bring out a little more shine

    now onto the protection,

    Autobrite Direct Carbanuba Wet Wax was applied to the whole car and left for 10 minutes to cure before buffing off to reveal a great shine and plenty of paintwork protection